Sunday, August 1, 2021

 Very excited to have art shows again. Sorry that the schedule was not posted here. I am much more active on my FaceBook page. Please follow the link and like the page.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Back to Blog in 2021

 Wow, I just looked here and realized how long since I posted. I did post to my facebook page much more often. So if you are on Facebook please check out my page (sewinghusband) give it a like and follow my progress there.

As I look at the last time I posted much of the world has been at a stand still. No Art Shows in 2020 so I hope there will be some in 2021. I am very lucky to be in a coop that reopened after 2 months of shutdown. The Shops on West Ridge in Rochester is large enough for people to come and shop in masks with a good amount of social distance. It has been an important place to sell my masks.

Yes, most of my time in 2020 was spent making masks. I chose fun fabrics and created 2 layer cloth masks to let people share their emotions. I had some special sentiments printed and also some special fabric for holidays.

Recently, I have been able to make some table runners again. I am getting back to my roots of scrap crafting. From all the masks I made have come pieces too small for masks, so I am back to creating unique patterns from the pieces. Many quilters cut pieces to make a pattern, I create a pattern from existing pieces.