Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gifts given 2015

I made a few gifts that were given in 2015. I made a firetruck quilt for my grandson. I made the quilt top and my wife quilted it. I made two table runners that also went out as gifts. One went to my secret santa gift at work and one went to a family pass around gift. To an end of using more scraps than I create, which I don't think is possible,  I make the smaller inset blocks from the scraps that came off the ends of the stars. Making half square triangle as I go and them finding a way to use them in the end product.
The fire truck was going to be smaller with three fire trucks.  But, I started with the ladder and it grew from there. So it ended up as one large truck for a twin size bed. After this photo I added the light bar above the cab and my wife added extra quilt lines to embellish it. Fun to make personal projects.