Wednesday, November 9, 2016



These are a few of the runners that I have created this fall. They can be considered a table runner, a wall hanging or an accent runner on a bed, sofa or chair. They are a variety of sizes and a variety of techniques.  The block with a diamond center came from a video I saw on YouTube. Here is a link to the video where Suzanne McNeill demonstrates fast and easy quilting techniques, 10-Minute Blocks and Twist & Turn, from the floor of the Houston Quilt Festival 2010.  It is an easy block that I have used a variety of ways. Her book is available at Missouri Star Quilt Company and many other places.

The top left, this is two ten minute blocks in a brown and green leaf pattern is 25" x 45" with corner triangles for hanging.

The top right, black, white and red is 24" x 43" with corner triangles for hanging.The black and white squares started as a disappearing nine patch with an added twist.

The lower left, brown, green and black is 24" x 62" no hanging options at this time.

The lower right, this is another one done with the ten minute blocks. Here I offset the black and white with purple to finish 21" x 58.5" with corner triangles for hanging.

My wife keeps asking me if I am going to have a one man show... For now this is my one man show along with postings on my FaceBook page. My long term goal is an Etsy Shop. Thanks to all who share and support my postings.

Monday, November 7, 2016

A few of my Wall Hangings with Embroidery

Here are some of the photos I promised to start adding to the blog. This is what I have been up to lately. I have been getting used to my new Brother sewing machine with embroidery features. The first awl hanging, top left, is a raw edge appliqué peace symbol with "PEACE" embroidered below. The size is 17 inches wide by 20 inches long with two triangles on the back for a hanging rod.

The  blue block with a diamond center is a left over block from a runner / wall hanging you will see posted later. It reminded me of a quote which is part of the poem Desederata. I thought that the block had a look of the universe. The size of this block is 11 1/2 inches square.

The red and black wall hang in was also created from some more left over black and white blocks and was my first use of my new embroidery machine. This wall hanger is 25 inches square with a hanging pocket on the back. The word "Hope" is a little brighter than all the rest of the words. I love this type face with its subtle nuances.

You know that there are stories that come with all of my projects. This one involved my use of thread from my wife's sewing room. I used up two rolls of thread on the words "Wisdom, Courage and Strength" so by the time I got to "Hope" I had to change color and the brighter white only seemed natural.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sorry for the delay, more posts (and humor) soon!

Sorry for the delay...

I promise to return to regular posting in the near future. I also have some goals of creating some patterns for sale and some online tutorials to go along with it all. In the mean time relax and enjoy the humor of life.

As we all know, life happens, and we go along for the ride. My wife strongly suggested that I not continue using her sewing room. That was OK because the last child was moving out, so I could have her bedroom and a Janome sewing machine that was my Mom's. About the time the room was settled the first child moved back home with his wife and son. So the sewing room was put into storage mode as other rooms were consolidated. It was fun having them here. Now they have completed the purchase of their home I have a sewing room again.

My wife also helped me purchase a fancy new sewing machine with many bells and whistles. She offered one of her old machines in trade to help get the price down then gave me the coupon book for monthly payments. It is really more like a computer with a sewing machine attached. I had an hour long class at the sewing store and have sewn a few seams since it is home.

Thanks for reading. Mark this blog to come back to and tell your friends. No pictures today but more soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gifts given 2015

I made a few gifts that were given in 2015. I made a firetruck quilt for my grandson. I made the quilt top and my wife quilted it. I made two table runners that also went out as gifts. One went to my secret santa gift at work and one went to a family pass around gift. To an end of using more scraps than I create, which I don't think is possible,  I make the smaller inset blocks from the scraps that came off the ends of the stars. Making half square triangle as I go and them finding a way to use them in the end product.
The fire truck was going to be smaller with three fire trucks.  But, I started with the ladder and it grew from there. So it ended up as one large truck for a twin size bed. After this photo I added the light bar above the cab and my wife added extra quilt lines to embellish it. Fun to make personal projects.