Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Welcome to my blog and welcome to my home away from the sewing machine. This blog will also show you the evolution of my welcome banner. As with most everything I do I started with my wife's scraps (there is a whole 'nother blog about using the wrong scraps...). I found the ends of some strip piecing in the scrap drawer. There were a few so I started sewing them together into 4 patches. That was to simple and boring so I sewed the right sides together on all four sides and cut an X. I put the those together with some gold fabric and got the block on the top left. By the time I got done I had a bunch that you will see in the next few blogs as well.

I put the blocks together as you see on the right above with a few extra white blocks to leave space for text. I love lettering and fonts which you will also see in the next few blogs. I guess I do have a bit to write about. I used my silhouette cameo to cut a stencil for the lettering and painted the letters with fabric ink. I didn't want so much white space around the letters so instead of stitching on top of the letters like last time I let the letters stay on their own and stitched around them. This made the letters stand out a little and softened the white space.

So now it is almost done. (photo bottom right) I still have to add the binding and the hanging sleeve. But there is not enough time to sew before work today.  Since my wife hasn't taught me to hand sew yet, I haven't put hanging sleeves on any of my projects. I have at least three more pieces to finish from this set of blocks. Last night I started something totally new, I saw a Greek key design and wanted to translate it to fabric.

I have also discovered a new problem... I set out to use up my wife's scraps and the hand-me down scraps from my mom. But now I am generating scraps of my own. I also started quilting one inch squares so we can't throw away anything unless it is smaller the one inch square.

This is the fifth post to this blog to other posts are listed on the right.

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