Sunday, September 13, 2015

My wife is smart, Yes I have said that out loud...

How smart is she? A few years ago we built a new house. We were planning a house that my mother would be able to move in with us. Yes, my wife agreed to that and actually got along very well with my mom. They both shared a love of quilting.

In that planning phase, the builder offered an unfinished bonus room above the garage. That simply changed how they build the trusses for the garage roof. It really made sense because they could either leave open trusses that could be finished into a room later or they would X off the space. Well, it didn't make sense to X off the space that could not be reclaimed later without a great expense.

After we lived in the house a short time, my wife started hinting that we should try to finish the room above the garage. It was a good idea, as I could do most of the work myself. Of coarse this would be a good place to have a sewing room and would get rid of the clutter of fabric and sewing machines throughout the house. Still a good idea.

As we started to settle her sewing supplies into the new sewing room, she happened to stop by the local sewing center with me in the car. She showed me something called a long-arm sewing machine for quilting. The fact that the new sewing room was a long and narrow space made it a perfect place for this new machine. (I had been had!)

I think she had an eye on that space for a long-arm when we originally heard that we could pre-finish a bonus room over the garage. Yes, my wife is smart and patient enough to wait for a space to have her long-arm machine.

PS - My mom did not move in with us because she found an independent living apartment with an extra room for her to have her own sewing room.

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