Friday, September 11, 2015

I make my wife nervous...

After a few years of traveling to the quilt show in Lancaster PA with my wife I decided I wanted to try to do something with some scraps she had around the quilt room.

She was away for a few days at a quilting retreat so I had time to try it out. I found my mom's sewing machine, that had not gone to the retreat with my wife. When I tried to set it up the foot pedal and power cord was missing. So I called my wife... She told me where it was but I could not find it. So I decided while she was away it was a good time to clean her sewing room and organize her fabric.

When she called later to see if I found the foot pedal I told her that I couldn't find it but that was OK because I was cleaning and organizing her sewing room. I asked if there was anything special that should not be sorted by color or size. She told be that anything that was part of a project was in a plastic bag and anything else was far game.

I did not realize until much later how nervous this conversation made her...

She is away at a wedding shower tonight so I can go up and use the sewing room.

I have more adventures to share, if I don't get into too much trouble.

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  1. Your work is beautiful! So glad we can share in your fun~