Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Sulky Online Teacher Certification

These are the projects that I completed for my Sulky Online Teacher Certification Continuing Education Course in November of 2016. I am now certified by Sulky to use the materials and teach the classed connected with these two projects.

This online class was offered by Sulky through craft online university. I learned many new techniques and it gave me confidence to try new things. It also taught me a lot about the Sulky products. I do like the KK2000 temporary adhesive spray. It loots like a small can but it is really concentrated and goes a long way. They say it is even save to use inside. Thank you to Sulky for providing this opportunity.

The vase of flowers started with a blank piece of white fabric. The base image was created with regular crayons. I have already played with this technique further with my 3 year old grandson. It provides many possibilities and the problem I have with taking a course like this is seeing so many new ways to do things with the techniques. This piece is also an exercise in letting go. The snips of cloth are supposed to land randomly but I did help them fall in the right places. It was fun to build the image on top of the crayon drawing.

I do like the way this piece turned out. I don't know if I will ever teach a class on this project but I know I will use the techniques and I am also glad to know more about the Sulky products that I used to complete it. I have a couple of my own photos that I plan to use for similar projects once we get past the fast approaching holidays.

The second project is one of four panels to be used to hang your own calendar. It is the orange flower to the right. When finished for a calendar holder it would have button holes at the bottom to use for attaching the calendar. Later this year I plan on during a blog or video on ways to mount or hang a small quilted piece. I have some idea for this one. The piece added to my appliqué skills, taught me to do a thread weaving and added couching to my repertoire. I was surprised how easy the couching was and it made me try out some additional features on my new Brother machine.

For my birthday in December, my daughter gave me the "Welcome" hanger shown below. It has given this wall hanging a permanent place by our front door. This is the last blog draft that was waiting to finish from 2016 onto the blogs of 2017.

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